3 Reasons Why Short-Handed Sit-n-Go’s Are the Only Way to Win at Texas Hold’em Poker

In this article I’m going to prove to you why short-handed sit-n-go poker games, or SNGs, are the absolute best and easiest way to win consistently when you play online poker.

It boils down to three reasons:

First, due to the nature of playing with less people the games last only around 35-45 minutes. This means that for most people they can focus 100% of their attention on the game and not get impatient or lose their focus.

Its proven that many poker players lose interest during poker games that take a long time to play. When you lose interest and in-turn focus that’s when you tend to make mistakes and make poor decisions. Hence you start to lose hands.

But when you play in short-handed games they move much quicker and you’re able to maintain your focus and make better decisions. In short, you play better.

Second, simply by playing patiently at the beginning your opponents tend to knock each other off. This allows you to finish in the money or at least be on the bubble before you even have to start playing.

Some players argue that they will be the short stack if they play too conservatively. That is sometimes correct. But in the long run you will win much more by playing slowly at the beginning and letting other players knock each other out.

Finally, by using proven strategies and systems that are developed for short-handed SNGs, like what you’ll find in my program at Texas Hold’em Secrets Exposed, you can master these poker games and win more than ever before. When you use strategies for other, unrelated games it makes it difficult to transition to a short-handed SNG Sky777.

There is one more thing…

For some reason short-handed SNGs seem to be more fun too. I think its because of the fast pace. The pressure of a long winded game is not there so you know you can focus for the entire game and play better.